What is psychotherapy?

A number of challenges bring people to therapy. Sometimes it’s simply the desire to feel better. Some clients are looking more from their relationships, their lives, and themselves. Others struggle to deal with or accept circumstances or changes they didn’t want. I specialize in helping people who are unsatisfied with their relationships, whether by continuing to repeat the same unsatisfying patterns or struggling to find a relationship. I also work with those who use food, drugs, alcohol, or other stimuli to numb themselves to difficult feelings. I also help anyone who needs support to manage a life transition.

For Couples: Being in relationship can be wonderful and at other times so difficult and painful. When communication becomes limited between partners, a skilled third party can create a space to transform patterns that are not serving one or both partners. Dynamics can take on a life of their own when left unexamined, and can be redirected into more functional ones once awareness is brought to the process. In counseling, what each partner needs and wants can be expressed, heard non-defensively, and support for each other’s well-being strengthened.

I help individuals and couples identify and transform their lives, access their strengths, and move toward a sense of greater contentment. I am compassionate and authentic, interactive, and I pay close attention to the connection between body and mind.

I have been great influenced by Buddhist psychology and philosophy and enjoy working with people who are into personal growth and are looking for more out of life (be that meaning, or relief from suffering, or a desire to thrive).

You can contact me at 510-239-3976

or by email at georgevmft@gmail.com